Chalkboard: Yes we have cannabis

Why Cannabis Marketing?

After 20 years in corporate marketing and technology, I said goodbye to my most recent employer to start my own company. Quitting a job without another job is not something I have EVER done in my professional career. But I was so burned out from the job, and I knew that my health was at risk if something didn’t change.

So, I quit! I didn’t have concrete plans for a business — all I really knew is that I wanted to help people. But I wasn’t completely rudderless. I

A few months prior, I graduated from The Life Coach School as a Certified Life Coach, so career transformation was imminent. But I couldn’t decide on my niche, so I hadn’t done much to set up the frameworks of an actual business.

One day I saw a promotion for the Certified Cannabis Educator program at the Cannabis Coaching Institute, and I immediately enrolled. As a longtime consumer and advocate for cannabis, it made perfect sense for me to get involved in the industry.

Originally, I had planned to use my Certified Cannabis Educator designation to fuel content for my (soon forthcoming) YouTube channel, where I’d educate the masses on the insidious corruption, ongoing demonization, and cruel withholding of the life-changing medicine of the cannabis plant. 

Social justice is extremely important to me, and my future plans definitely include activism for cannabis legalization, plus reparations for the incalculable devastation inflicted upon communities, and lives lost, through systemic abuse of minorities and scapegoating of cannabis.

However, the more I looked into setting up my YouTube channel, it became clear how difficult marketing in the cannabis industry is — even for someone with a marketing background! So I decided to pivot…

I believe the biggest impact I can make RIGHT NOW is by empowering cannabis industry professionals with the marketing knowledge, tools, and strategies every business should know — specifically tailored to the cannabis industry.

By helping cannabis industry professionals with their digital marketing, so they can make more money and grow their businesses, I can help to grow and fortify the industry from the inside out.