A cannabis sugar leaf next to scrabble letters: M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E

Cannabis Marketing is Advocacy

What It’s All About

Choosing to work in the cannabis industry is a political statement in and of itself. Just by being here, we’re strengthening the movement to legalize it. But don’t forget, the movement is about so much more than just letting the people smoke weed.

Entire communities and countless individual lives have been devastated over cannabis for the better part of a century. Nonviolent offender after nonviolent offender, a tragic number of men and women have spent their lives in jail — for something as insignificant as having a joint in their pocket.

Local officials MUST be held accountable, especially if they expect to collect taxes on legal weed — not just for ongoing discrimination and corruption at every layer of society, but for material investment in reparations to rebuild the communities their laws destroyed in the first place.

Education, Advocacy, Activism

Marketing in the cannabis industry is inherently political, and that’s one reason educational content is so important to the marketing plan of any cannabis business.

By educating the public, we can mobilize supporters to apply more pressure to elected representatives, for continued expansion of rights and protections for cannabis businesses under state and local laws. Ultimately, an educated public will demand cannabis be legalized and decriminalized nationwide.

The more the public knows about the full extent of prohibition’s ongoing destruction, and the punitive yet predatory federal tax laws putting cannabis businesses at a disadvantage, the more passionately supporters will be mobilized.

In future posts, I’ll talk in more detail about the importance of educational content to any cannabis marketing strategy. Also, stay tuned for content on how to get involved with local and national advocacy efforts.

My next post will cover a brief history of cannabis, and overview the current legal landscape.

The Potent Truth is that cannabis is medicine. We aim to empower as many humans as possible with this knowledge, and to provide the support they need to grow, thrive, and change their lives in ways they hadn’t imagined possible.

~The Potent Truth~